TIMMINS, Ontario

  • Type: Man Made Structure
  • Location:N 48° 28′ W 81° 14.5′
Dome Mine is situated in the City of Timmins, Ontario, Canada; now known as part of GoldCorp – Porcupine Gold Mines. The original Dome Mine (Tisdale Township) was still operating as of April 2012, its life is slowly coming to an end as the ore is dwindling and quickly becoming exhausted. An enormous discontinued open pit (Super Pit), huge man-made mountain of waste rock and working mill are now in place at the location.

Dome Mine complex, Timmins, Ontario.
Timmins open pit mine from GOZooM.
Dome Mine, 1910–present, 17,228,109 troy ounces of gold produced. At another mine in Timmins, the cable on a shaft elevator snapped from internal rust. Many miners plunged to their deaths in the shaft whose depth is illustrated by this altitude. This happened in 1945.