by: Charles O’Dale

*In my articles I use the term crater to define a circular impact depression and the termstructure to define an impact crater that is severely altered by erosion.

  •  Probable: geological and geophysical studies established reasonable evidence, possibly with unconfirmed reports of shock features in abstracts, but the definite shock features and/or meteoritic material is not well documented.

Panther Mountain, New York state10~375Geological datingComplexInverted relief

Name Diameter (km) Age (megayears) Dating method Morphological type Notes
Bear Swamp, New York 3.5 ~444 Geological dating Simple No surface expression
Bloody Creek, Nova Scotia 0.350 X 0.420 ~0.012 Geological dating Simple  Elliptical basin
Bow City, Alberta 6 <75 Geological dating Complex  No surface expression
Can-Am, Lake Huron 100 ~500 Geological dating Complex Underwater in Lake Huron
Dumas, Saskatchewan 4 <70 Geological dating Simple Seismic and borehole data
Hartney, Manitoba 6 <190 ± 20 Geological dating Complex? Structurally uplifted centre
High Rock Lake, Manitoba ~5 435 ± 10 Geological dating Complex
James River, Alberta 4.8 <480 Geological dating Complex  No surface expression
Panther Mountain, New York state 10 ~375 Geological dating Complex Inverted relief
Paterson, NW Greenland 36.5 YEARS
>105to >108
Geological Complex Under 2 km of ice
Skeleton Lake, Ontario 3.5 ~800 Geological dating Simple
Weaubleau, Missouri 19 320 – 340 Geological dating Complex  Ring-like drainages


“We, all of us, are what happens when a primordial mixture of hydrogen and helium evolves for so long that it begins to ask where it came from.”
Jill Tarter