by: Charles O’Dale

  • Type: Central peak?
  • Location: N 69°51′ W 124°47′
  • Diameter: 160.0 Km
  • Age: – CRETACEOUS – K/T boundary timeframe
The North Canadian location of the Parry Peninsula stucture is circled. The yellow tracks left and below are the flight course of my bird GOZooM while exploring north of the Arctic Circle.
The 160 Km diameter Parry Peninsula structure is classified as an improbable impact crater.

Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Vol. 83, NO. 6/DEC, 1989
This is an image of the Mackenzie Delta just west of Tuktoyaktuk. The geology of this area is an analog of the Parry Peninsula. GOZooM is about to be “wheels over” the Arctic Ocean!


From JRASC December 1989 Vol 83/6 # 621


Darnley Bay Gravity Anomaly

Darnley Bay is a large inlet in the Northwest Territories, Canada. It is a southern arm of the Amundsen Gulf. The bay measures 45 km long, and 32 km wide at its mouth. The Parry Peninsula is to the west and Halcro Point is to the east. The Canadian Shield originates east of Darnley Bay, the terrain sloping upwards, and characterized by glacial deposits.

Darnley Bay is home to one of the largest gravity anomalies in the world (indicated by the red circle).
The Darnley Bay gravity anomaly has a diameter of approximately 60 km with an amplitude exceeding 130 mGal, The source of the gravity anomaly is thought to be a large igneous intrusion.



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