LAC LA MOINERIE (north) – Quebec

by: Charles O’Dale

  • Type: Simple
  • Location: N 57° 31’ W 66° 42’
  • Diameter: 1.8 Km
  • Age: ?


Lac La Moinerie NORTH – a circular lake north of the Lac La Moinerie impact site (lower right in google image).
Small crater north of impact crater Lac La Moinerie – background?
Small crater north of impact crater Lac La Moinerie – background?

The water in the small lakes is so clear that we were able to see the bottoms of the lakes from our altitude of over 1500’ above the ground. We departed the area to the north heading for Kuujjuaq. I wanted to document a small circular lake that I noticed. The lake is visible in the foreground with Lac La Moinerie Meteorite Crater in the background. These images were taken about 30 seconds apart as we passed the northern area of La Moinerie Crater. To my knowledge there has not been any investigation to determine the cause of this structure. I hypothesize that this small lake may be an impact site associated with the Lac La Moinerie Meteorite Crater, a double crater structure similar to the Clear Lakes Meteorite Craters. Note the esker visible on the right (west) part of the circular lake. This “might” indicate a shallow part of the lake caused by a rim structure.



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