by: Charles O’Dale

*In my articles I use the term crater to define a circular impact depression and the termstructure to define an impact crater that is severely altered by erosion.

  • Improbable: observations of the structure and/or geological context suggest a non-impact origin but alternative interpretation has not been well established.
Name Diameter (km) Age (million years) Dating method Morphological type Notes
Eclipse Lake, Labrador small ~1.5  ? Simple – Possible flat-floored Two possible structures
Eclipse Lake, Labrador large ~6  ? Complex  Two possible structures
Howell Creek, BC ~10 90-97 Between syenites and Cardium sands  Simple Circular geologic formation
Hudson Bay Arc >450 <4,600  Arc rock age No “crater” depth indication No impact metamorphism found
Jocko, Ontario >0.2 <0.012 Created in glacial remains Simple Ground Exploration Video
Lac La Moinerie (north), Quebec 1.8  ?  Simple Circular structure
Merewether, Labrador 0.19812 (largest of three) 0.00087? Sediment depth  Simple Possible methane explosion
Miami Florida Structure ~0.65 0.80 to 0.130 After Florida Plateau deposition Solutional Doline Underwater off Miami
Parry Peninsula, NWT 160 <65 K/T boundary timeframe Complex
Plevna/Tomvale Structure, ONTARIO ~0.01 <12,000 Years Created in glacial remains Simple
Touchwood Hills, Saskatchewan >200 >541 Post Williston Basin deposit  Multi-ring Basin?


“We, all of us, are what happens when a primordial mixture of hydrogen and helium evolves for so long that it begins to ask where it came from.”
Jill Tarter