ECLIPSE LAKE (two possible structures)

by: Charles O’Dale

  • Type: Simple, possible flat floor (small), Central peak (large)
  • Location: N 59° 46′ W 64° 18′
  • Diameter (two possible structures): ~1.5 Km & ~6 Km
  • Age: ?
Eclipse Lake, Labrador, Canada.
To add to the mystery of the Eclipse Lake structure(s), I noticed a large circular structure to the west of the original potential crater (indicated in the Google image below) .

In the early 1970’s, the geological society identified Eclipse Lake (small red circle) in Labrador as a “generally circular lake” requiring further investigation as a possible impact site.

The smaller structure, Eclipse Lake, is a possible flat floored crater, and the larger a possible central peak structure.  To my knowledge there has not been a scientific expedition to the site.
We took this image of Eclipse Lake (looking west) during our tour of the Torngat Mountains and on our way to document the U-Boat WWII weather station location, August, 2005. Note the mountain south of the river curve, is it the central peak of the structure?
A view of U-537 anchored in Martin Bay on Labrador Coast northern Canada during WWII: National WW2 Museum.
Yours truly pointing at the area of the Torngat Mountains in Labrador where I flew GOZooM over the U-Boat weather station . The weather stations was recovered sometime in the 1970’s and is on display at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Canada, visible in the background. The Eclipse Lake structure is just north of the position I am pointing to.



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