*In my articles I use the term crater to define a circular impact depression and the termstructure to define an impact crater that is severely altered by erosion.

Name Diameter (km) Age Suspect Morphological type Date Related Extinction Notes
Bloody Creek, Nova Scotia 0.350 X 0.420 ~12,000 years? Simple Younger Drias extinction?
Bow City, Alberta 6 <75 Central peak Geological dating
Can-Am, Lake Huron 100 ~500 ma Central peak Underwater in Lake Huron
Carolina Bays, NC various ~0.0129 Simple Younger Drias extinction? Secondary craters?
Charity Shoal, Lake Ontario ~1  ? Simple Younger Drias extinction?
Charron Lake, Manitoba >4.5  ? Simple Negative magnetic anomaly
Corossol Structure, Gulf of St. Lawrence 4.0 ~12,000 years? Central Peak Younger Drias extinction?
Dumas, Saskatchewan 4 <70 Simple Late Cretaceous Geological dating
Eclipse Lake, Labrador 1.5  ? Simple – Possible flat-floored Younger Drias extinction?
Franktown structure, Ontario ~2 >400 ma Simple Circular depression
Hartney, Manitoba 6 <190 ± 20 Complex? Triassic-Jurassic Geological dating
High Rock Lake, Manitoba ~5 435 ± 10 Complex Ordovician Geological dating
Howell Creek, BC 10 90-97 ma Simple Circular geologic formation
Hudson Bay Arc >450  ? Multi ring basin? AKA – Nastapoka Arc
James River, Alberta 4.8 <480 Complex Ordovician Geological dating
Jocko, Ontario >0.2 <12,000 years Simple Younger Drias extinction? Ground Exploration Video
Kakiattukallak Lake, Quebec 3 – 6  ? Simple Possible Multiple Impact?
Lac de Courval, Quebec ~1.6  ? Simple Circular lake
Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba ~3.8  ? Simple Circular magnetic anomaly
Merewether, Labrador


Miami Florida Crater/Structure

0.19812 (largest of three)



<870 years ?

<40 ma – Estimate



Central Peak?

Younger Drias extinction?


Possible sink hole
Panther Mountain, New York state 10 ~375 ma Central peak Late Devonian Inverted relief
Parry Peninsula, NWT 160 65 ma? Central peak
Purple Springs, Alberta 6 <75 Central peak Geological dating
Skeleton Lake, Ontario 3.5 ~800 ma Simple Geological dating
Touchwood Hills, Saskatchewan >200 >541 ma Multi-ring Basin? Under the Williston Basin
Victoria Island, California 5.5 37-49 ma Simple Geological dating