by: Charles O’Dale

*In my articles I use the term crater to define a circular impact depression and the termstructure to define an impact crater that is severely altered by erosion.


Name Diameter (km) Age (megayears) Dating method Morphological type Notes
Bear Swamp, New York 3.5 ~444 Geological dating Simple No surface expression
Bloody Creek, Nova Scotia 0.350 X 0.420 ~0.012 Geological dating Simple  Elliptical basin
Bow City, Alberta 6 <75 Geological dating Complex  No surface expression
Can-Am, Lake Huron 100 ~500 Geological dating Complex Underwater in Lake Huron
Dumas, Saskatchewan 4 <70 Geological dating Simple Seismic and borehole data
Hartney, Manitoba 6 <190 ± 20 Geological dating Complex? Structurally uplifted centre
High Rock Lake, Manitoba ~5 435 ± 10 Geological dating Complex
James River, Alberta 4.8 <480 Geological dating Complex  No surface expression
Panther Mountain, New York state 10 ~375 Geological dating Complex Inverted relief
Purple Springs, Alberta 6 <75 Geological dating Complex  No surface expression
Skeleton Lake, Ontario 3.5 ~800 Geological dating Simple
Weaubleau, Missouri 19 320 – 340 Geological dating Complex  Ring-like drainages


“We, all of us, are what happens when a primordial mixture of hydrogen and helium evolves for so long that it begins to ask where it came from.”
Jill Tarter