by: Charles O’Dale

During my aerial meteorite crater explorations over various points of the North American Continent, I have noticed and documented a few geological features that are suspiciously shaped like meteorite craters. Also, I have investigated a few that were suggested by people who have contacted me after reading my crater articles. I have listed below the “crater like” structures that I have documented and could be confirmed as impact related if in the future evidence is found. I will be periodically adding more features as I visit them. If you have any additional information on any of the structures that I have documented or any new possible meteorite craters, please let me know.

  •  Non Impact: a non-impact origin has been well documented.
Name Diameter KM Morphology Notes
Alsever Lake, Ontario ~4 Circular Formation Brent analog
Brackett Lake, NWT 8.67 Circular Formation
Canoe Lake area, Ontario 0.150 Circular Formation
Colter, Oklahoma, USA 0.150 Circular Formation
Hanson Lake, Saskatchewan 0.550 Circular Formation
La Loche, Saskatchewan 0.150 Circular Formation
North of Lake Superior, Ontario <0.050 Circular Formation
Otter Lake, Quebec <0.050 Circular Formation
Prince Edward Point, Ontario 0.400 Circular Formation
Quorn Lake, Ontario 1.73 Circular Formation
Riding Mountains, Manitoba 1.73 Circular Formation
South of Great Bear Lake, NWT 0.240 Circular Formation
Callander Bay – Ontaro 4 Syenite/Pluton  ~577 ma geological
Croker Island Complex, Ontario 10 Syenite/Pluton 1510 ±50 ma  – Rb-Sr
Lake Skootamatta, Ontario ~5.5 Syenite/Pluton Presqu’ile analog
Manitou Islands Complex, Ontario 4 Syenite/Pluton ~577  ma geological
Mount Moriah Structure – Ontaro ~5.5 Syenite/Pluton
Sainte-Véronique Structure – Quebec 9 Syenite/Pluton
McGruther & Dell Lakes, Ontario ~2.3 Stratified Circular Feature
Mecatina Lake, Quebec ~6.4 Stratified Circular Feature
Crater Lake, Oregon 9.6 Volcanic Crater  7,700 (± 150) years
Diamond Head, Hawaii 1.17 Volcanic Crater ~300,000 years
Fort Rae, NWT 2.8 Volcanic Crater 541 to 252 ma
Kilauea, Hawai’i 1.16 Volcanic Crater ~280,000 years
Mount St. Helens, Washington 2.23 Volcanic Crater 1980 eruption
Pacaya Crater, Guatemala 0.21 Volcanic Crater  0-23,000 years
Panum Crater, California 0.776 Volcanic Crater  <700 years
Hicks Dome, Illinois 5.5 Cryptovolcanic  270 (± 2) Ma geological
Lac De Gras, NWT Man Made Structure  Diamonds
Marmora, Ontario Man Made Structure  Iron
Timmins, Ontario Man Made Structure  Gold


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