During my aerial meteorite crater explorations over various points of the North American Continent, I have noticed and documented a few geological features that are suspiciously shaped like meteorite craters. Also, I have investigated a few that were suggested by people who have contacted me after reading my meteorite articles. I have listed below the “crater like” structures that I have documented and could be confirmed as impact related if in the future evidence is found. I will be periodically adding more features as I visit them. If you have any additional information on any of the structures that I have documented or any new possible meteorite craters, please let me know.


Morphology Name Diameter Notes
Circular Formation Alsever Lake, Ontario ~4 Kilometres Brent analog
Circular Formation Brackett Lake, NWT 8.67 Kilometres
Circular Formation Canoe Lake area, Ontario 150 Metres
Circular Formation Colter, Oklahoma, USA 150 Metres
Circular Formation Hanson Lake, Saskatchewan 550 Metres
Circular Formation Lac La Moinerie (north), Quebec 1.8 Kilometres
Circular Formation La Loche, Saskatchewan 150 Metres
Circular Formation North of Lake Superior, Ontario <50 Metres
Circular Formation Otter Lake, Quebec <50 Metres
Circular Formation Prince Edward Point, Ontario 400 Metres
Circular Formation Quorn Lake, Ontario 1.73 Kilometres
Circular Formation Riding Mountains, Manitoba 1.73 Kilometres
Circular Formation South of Great Bear Lake, NWT 240 Metres
Syenite/Pluton Callander Bay – Ontaro 4 Kilometres
Syenite/Pluton Croker Island Complex, Ontario 10 Kilometres
Syenite/Pluton Lake Skootamatta, Ontario ~5.5 Kilometres Presqu’ile analog
Syenite/Pluton Manitou Islands Complex, Ontario 4 Kilometres
Syenite/Pluton Mount Moriah Structure – Ontaro ~5.5 Kilometres
Syenite/Pluton Sainte-Véronique Structure – Quebec 9 Kilometres
Stratified Circular Feature McGruther & Dell Lakes, Ontario ~2.3 Kilometres
Stratified Circular Feature Mecatina Lake, Quebec ~6.4 Kilometres
Volcanic Crater Fort Rae, NWT 2.8 Kilometres
Volcanic Crater Crater Lake, Oregon 9.6 Kilometres
Man Made Structure Lac De Gras, NWT
Man Made Structure Marmora, Ontario
Man Made Structure Timmins, Ontario