by: Charles O’Dale

This image illustrates dark material deposited in a linear manner in a natural groove in the bedrock by wave motion. This explains the “dark” pseudo-crater rim that I saw from the air.

Renne, Paul R.; (et al) Jan (7 February 2013). “Time Scales of Critical Events Around the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary”. Science 339 (6120)



The joints were spaced about a foot apart there, some 10 times closer than jointing elsewhere in the surrounding rocks. That’s what governed the circular course of the creeks – water will preferentially erode away rock where it’s weaker and so areas of the bedrock with more frequent jointing will eventually form creek valleys. .(Hudson Valley Geologist)

Transformations to granular zircon revealed: Twinning, reidite, and ZrO2 in shocked zircon from Meteor Crater (Arizona, USA) Aaron J. Cavosie, Nicholas E. Timms, Timmons M. Erickson, Justin J. Hagerty and Friedrich Hörz

LIDAR elevation image of 300 square miles (800 km2) of Carolina bays in Robeson County, N.C. (Wikipedia)


Odale articles YD01.jpg

I am balancing half way up the crater rim and holding a birch branch so it hangs vertical. Referencing the vertical branch with the one placed on the rim, the angle is ~50°.

Differentiated impact melt sheets may be a potential source of Hadean detrital zircon – Gavin G. Kenny, Martin J. Whitehouse and Balz S. Kamber

Odale Chicxulub Drill 2016.jpg

Marmora Mine 520 X 365 metres and 215 metres deep (1700 feet X 1200 feet and 700 feet deep).

The 160 Km diameter Parry Peninsula structure is a possible central peak impact crater.

Nanosecond formation of diamond and lonsdaleite by shock compression of graphite (Kraus et al 2016)

Aeromagnetic map of the Manitou Island complex (from ODM-GSC 1965c)

Update: Evidence for a second L chondrite impact in the Late Eocene: Preliminary results from the Wanapitei crater, Canada. R. Tagle1 (et al) 2006


“We, all of us, are what happens when a primordial mixture of hydrogen and helium evolves for so long that it begins to ask where it came from.”

Jill Tarter